ALCS Ltd is an organisation and people development consultancy. We aim to provide practical, professional and effective support to clients in developing the business potential of their organisations. Our consultants are all experienced business managers and have specialist expertise in a broad range of sectors. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to really understand the cause and effect of issues facing their businesses. In our experience, every business - commercial, public sector or not-for-profit - is unique and requires its own specific solutions. Therefore, we don’t have list of standard courses with off-the-shelf content on the basis of one size fitting all.


Our business ethos is based on the following principles: 

  • Client centred, developing a clear understanding of clients needs and expected outcomes
  • Proven research and development and application our support to clients is based on proven methods
  • Value for investment, ensuring that there are clear and agreed objectives for learning and development that are subsequently measured, and that our support to the client businesses is both time and cost effective
  • Diversity, we aim to bring a diversity of learning methods and content to meeting the needs of our clients with the aim of making learning and development activities effective and enjoyable
  • Challenging, the best outcomes from learning and development sometimes require individuals to take a hard look at the way they have been doing things. Where necessary we will challenge accepted ways of thinking where we feel key issues are in danger being ignored
  • People centred, we understand that people make the real difference in businesses. Organisations thrive on high levels of personal discretionary effort, good self-discipline, customer centred behaviours, managing suppliers to achieve mutual benefit, long-term relationships and communicating with stakeholders to achieve real understanding
  • Confidentiality, we value our client relationships and keep these private