Thorough learning and development needs diagnosis

In keeping with our ethos, we aim to work closely with our clients to diagnose and fully understand the cause and effect of issues affecting the business. 

Clear learning and development objectives

After thorough diagnosis, we always agree the objectives of a learning and development intervention with our client before moving to detailed consideration and design of delivery methods. We understand that these objectives will ultimately measure the success of the intervention and aim to agree the way in which the learning will be validated and evaluated at this stage. 

Agreed delivery methodologies

We aim to develop delivery methods which use a variety of techniques to ensure that our interventions are participative and, wherever possible, experiential. When programmes are involved, a variety of methods also ensures that the range of personal learning preferences in any group is catered for. We aim to make learning and development enjoyable. 

Measuring outcomes

We validate all our interventions immediately through discussion or post intervention questionnaires. However, we recognise that the real worth of learning and development is about change in the workplace and we aim to agree longer-term evaluation of our interventions wherever possible to understand how far the learning is retained and used to improve performance. We believe that this approach benefits our clients and ourselves in improving our services over time.